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November 05 2017

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“We don’t have horses, we have a Chevy”

Dark Shadows (2012) dir; Tim Burton

November 04 2017


After a long day you come home and flick on the lights. Someone who looks to be a stereotypical vampire is fiddling with your remotes. Before you can speak, they simply say: “Did you know you have a piece of rug that says ‘Come right on in’ in front of your door?”

November 03 2017

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November 02 2017


Halloween is over and I am really down now.  I have to face that other impending Holiday and it bums me out every year.

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The apparent cause of death was a severe neck wound that resembled, in the words of one bystander, “a really gross hickey.”

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992) Directed by Fran Rubel Kuzui

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November 01 2017

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Inktober day 4, Midnight Snack

October 31 2017


On vampire movies, everyone seems well groomed even though they can’t see themselves in the mirror.

October 30 2017

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at again

October 29 2017

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When someone asks me what’s wrong with this movie I show them this gif of Jesse and Lestat

I’m really impressed that you can tell how bad the acting is without sound. 

October 28 2017

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October 27 2017

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Type of blood: really positive!

October 26 2017





you know what i really want? a modern dudebro vampire. just a typical obnoxious straight boy in a neon tank top and cargo shorts who also happens to be a creature of the night.

“okay, dude, i’m only feeding on you ‘cause i’m starving and there aren’t any hot girls around. no homo.” “wait, you’re gonna suck my blood?” “no, i’m gonna drink your blood. i don’t suck, that’s gay. don’t make this weird, bro”

“ah, i see you’re staring pensively out the window, chad. ruminating on the curse of your newfound immortality?” “nah man, it’s just… i got, like, some flecks of blood on my adidas while i was feeding and they haven’t come out…”

“we do not drink… wine.” “okay but is beer cool? and can we still smoke weed?”

he joins a 24-hour gym because being undead and allergic to sunlight is no excuse for skipping leg day. tragic music swells as he looks over his “sun’s out guns out” tanks (he has seven of them). his coven is a fraternity. someone make this happen


ask and ye shall recieve



October 25 2017

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It’s too late to kinkshame Lestat probably

i’m kinkshaming him anyway


Anne Rice is going to sue everyone on this post

October 24 2017

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Trick or Treating just got mutated. Who’s your favorite mutant monster?

October 23 2017

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I think we drink virgin blood because… it sounds cool.

October 22 2017

October 21 2017

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My friend in Sweden just bought some boiled beets.

Dracula hearts

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October 20 2017


Me: *annoy husband with one too many puns*

Husband: “You can go. I disinvite you like a vampire.”

Me: “I don’t think it works like that. You gotta do spells and rituals to disinvite a vampire.”

Husband: “Hocus pocus get the fuck out.”

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