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July 17 2017

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@nunyabizni @robert-the-asshole just warning ye now!

Well. they have no souls

July 16 2017





remember twilight and how edward and bella couldn’t do it bc edward was afraid he’d fuck her to death?

i remember bella willing to die for the dick

I remember she literally woke up crying thinking he’d never fuck her again and so he fucked her to calm her down and that’s how she got pregnant


July 15 2017

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Haha talk about late, but about 3 weeks ago I cosplayed David from the movie, “The Lost Boys” at Heroes Con. He was soooo much fun to do, and based off of people’s reactions and the amount of pictures taken, David has probably been my most well received cosplay ever. I’m so happy with how he came out and the sheer amount of people who recognized me and started ranting to me about their childhood haha. 
Ft. @therainbowsuspenders​ as The Jon.

More pictures can be found on my Facebook page.

July 14 2017



Despite Twilight’s flaws I think we can all appreciate what Rosalie Hale did to her gang of rapists after she became a vampire

One of Twilight’s biggest flaws was always that um, how do I put this? It has these kickass supporting characters with these fascinating back stories and instead we have to pay attention to this truly boring couple instead of hearing about Jasper fighting in a vampire war, or Alice as a psychic girl in a 1920’s mental institution, or Carlyle as a vampire doctor trying to atone for all the murdering he did.

Or Leah as the ONLY BIOLOGICALLY FEMALE WEREWOLF IN THE WORLD, or that other vampire baby from South America.

Or pretty much anything beyond Bella and Edward staring at one another and crying.

July 13 2017

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And you’re what, shocked and disappointed? I’m evil.

Reposted bynvm nvm

July 12 2017

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cool story but why can’t I drink blood from my vampire chalice

this does seem like a massive oversight

July 11 2017

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Giles’s face though

July 10 2017

July 08 2017

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Dark Shadows #8 (1971), cover by George Wilson

July 07 2017

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There is no such thing as too many Dracula book covers!!!
(My edit - black and white post)

“I am longing to be with you, and by the sea, where we can talk together freely and build our castles in the air.” Dracula by Bram Stoker

July 06 2017

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July 05 2017

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July 04 2017

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mythology aesthetics: Vampires

Vampires are undead beings of pale moonlight. They seduce the young and the weak. Using their long sharp fangs, they pierce their victim’s skin and drain the victim’s blood.

July 03 2017

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July 02 2017

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The Lost Boys
Directed by Joel Schumacher (1987)

July 01 2017




Fun Vampire Fact; the reason that Vampires traditionally cannot see their reflections in a mirror is because mirrors used to be backed with a reflective layer of silver — which, as the metal of purity, would not ‘interact’ with Vampires, who are the Devil’s work.

However, modern mirrors have used aluminum as their reflective backing for many years now — and aluminum is not a ‘picky’ metal at all. So Vampires are able to see their reflections in modern mirrors.

All I can think about is a vampire used to not seeing their reflection in mirrors for centuries, and one day they are just walking along and unknowingly pass a mirror backed with aluminum and THEY NEARLY SHIT THEMSELVES.

June 30 2017

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June 29 2017

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The Lost Boys

June 27 2017


Date someone who will drink your blood

June 26 2017


Vampires in movies really shouldn’t look so well put together, since they can’t see their reflections to get ready.

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